LRU Spotlight: Follow-up Interview with Jamal Tyler of the Iowa Barnstormers

Overview: Jamal Tyler started off his college career at Kansas Garden City Community College before going to Pittsburg State University. He is an explosive running back who has great hands and can catch out of the backfield. He currently is one of the players on the 40-man roster for training camp that starts in February.

I had the pleasure of doing a follow up interview with Jamal, during which time he told me about his exciting opportunity with the Iowa Barnstormers, how he is training to prepare himself and his goals.

C: When you received the call from the Iowa Barnstormers, what were some thoughts that ran through your mind?

JT: Excitement, Happiness and a feeling of humbleness to hear the voicemail from Head Coach Dixie Wooten. Which said “Jamal We liked your skills you ran good and you ran good routes, I want to offer you a contract Jamal.. call me at… this number.

C: How was the process of being chosen like?

JT: The process happened in Pella Iowa. About 30 guys or 25 men attended the tryout. I was the fastest guy there running a 4.38 forty and ran really good routes. The process was very smooth the tryout took about 3 hours that day. I signed a week later or 8 days later after the try out.

C: How does it feel to be signed to the Iowa Barnstormers and getting opportunity to play football professionally?

JT: It feels like GOD answered my call to play professional football even if it wasn’t the NFL, I just prayed to GOD to allow me to play pro ball and hear I am. He is very real.

C: You have mentioned that you train at the Top Speed Training facility, how is training going?

JT: Training at Top Speed is always worth the trip. I drive 2 hours to train at Top Speed. I work on speed every time I visit. Coach Pottsis exceptional. I believe he is the best in Kansas City area.

C: What are some of the goals you would like to achieve with the Iowa Barnstormers?

JT: Some of my goals is to get everyone to play every snap like they feel it will be there last snap. If I can convince everyone to play way extreme amount of passion and love for the game like I will and give their all on every snap I think Will have a chance to run deep into playoffs. Playoffs, championship, and then the NFL is the order I would like my goals to fall in.

C: What kind of player can Iowa Barnstormers fans expect to see on the field? Do you have a message for Iowa Barnstormers fans?

JT: I will be very passionate, I will lead by example introducing the importance of Jesus and how we are on a mission to please god and to give thanks by leaving every ounce of love we have for the game out on the field. The only message I have for the Barnstormers is to be extra loud and to fill up the stadium at wells Fargo arena. I want them to love watching the 2018 Barnstormers.

Locker Room Update would like to thank Jamal Tyler for taking the time to speak with us. We wish him the best of luck as he continues his journey as a professional football player.

Christa is a syndicated New York Jets beat writer and acts as the primary talent scout for Locker Room Update, where she interviews college football players from around the nation. You can follow her author page on Facebook here for the latest updates.

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