NBA Wrong in Suspending JR Smith an Extra Game?


NBA – For years, the NBA star players have gotten favorable calls. Why can’t the players all get called the same way? The answer is that it comes down to money and promoting their product. However, this is hurting the outcome of the game and we begin to wonder if the fans are really seeing the best the NBA could be. Maybe not?

JR Smith is a product of the young player who grew up in the league, coming into the NBA straight from High School. He has matured and grown in the his time playing, as the NBA has created an envioronment where young players can skip college to play. One may think the NBA recognizes the process and growth of these players, but the main think they care about is building a league monopoly based on the success of superstar players.

JR Smith got thrown out of a game with an elbow hit on Jason Terry; he was charged with a flagrant 2 foul and ejected. Since the ejection, the league has suspended him for an additional game. If Smith was a player that the league repeatedly promoted, he would not have gotten another games’ suspension, in my opinion.

They are judging him on his past. Smith has grown to become a key player on his team, and the progress this man has made has been huge in a short number of years. NBA Offices are just too focused on money to see it. The fact is that the NBA created this platform for young players, but are still judging them based on their past, when in fact, his past helped build their league up!

Smith was snubbed from the All Star game by the NBA offices. The All-Star players are voted in, apparently unless your name is JR Smith. He clearly won the ballot race by 40,000 votes, yet the NBA offices put Brook Lopez in the game instead. This not how a professional league should treat their own players.

This league has also done a few questionable calls. One is voiding a Lakers trade to send Chris Paul to LA, which was agreed on by both the Hornets’ and Lakers’ GMs. One may note that the NBA owns the Hornets. This is a conflict of interest. Then, after awarding the Hornets a #1 draft the same week, new owners took over.

But back to JR Smith.

Smith’s growth is clear, and NBA Offices can’t seem to see it. It started with Smith taking a low-salary contract in order to have the opportunity to learn from Coach Woodson. He had higher offers, but chose Woodson, the coach that got the most out of his skills. Smith put the strength of a coach over money, and won the Sixth Man of the Year Award as a result.

He should been an All-Star by the votes. After the incident on friday, no wonder he walked away.

So why is the league judging him off of his past? Smith is a good example of how a raw player grew up in the NBA, and I think the NBA is selling themselves short on the real NBA stories for a dollar bill. Some things in sports may never change.


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