The stage is set for the Knicks to bring home a win and host a Game 7. So it’s not win and go home, it’s Win and play at home. This is Carmelo Anthony and Coach Woodson’s big moment as it is for the entire New York Knicks organization.

It’s a big task ahead for the orange and blue. The Pacers are undefeated in the playoffs at home this year.

Indiana point guard George Hill is a game time descion. This is going to be a key factor.

Hill is a huge chip to the Pacers offense. He needs to pass the NBA regulated test to be cleared to play. At times, NBA players can take from a week to several weeks to get cleared. And an important thing to consider is that Indiana has often been out-scored by opponents when Hill is on the bench.

Bankers Life Fieldhouse, the home of the Pacers, has not seen a Knicks win this season. They have lost all four road games against the Indiana this season, as the Pacers are killing the Knicks on the boards. This is one battle the Knicks will have to focus on. Tyson Chandler is going have to play like an All Star.

Coach Woodson made key adjustments in game 5. He is loyal to his players, but had to sit Jason Kidd and Amare Stoudemire replacing them with Chris Copeland and Pablo Prigioni. Pablo’s defense can be better than Kidd, and he plays to pass and is great on setting up average teammates. Copeland is great 3 point shooter. He and Anthony on the court together spread the defense and can give Raymond Felton chances of driving in the paint.

Coach Woodson was born in Indiana, Indianapolis. So perhaps the biggest game of his career lands him back home. The coach needs to make the right adjustments to push a Game 7.

Carmelo Anthony is labeled for his struggles in the playoffs. Tonight he can push that label away. He a true leader and could show the NBA he is for real.

Tyson Chandler has been out played all series, and needs to fix that.

My key to success has to be the whole team. Ball movement is all up to Raymond Felton and Pablo Prigioni. We know Anthony will deliver on the road, as he knows how deal with pressure. The question will be how well Jr Smith and Chris Copeland deal with the pressure of the road playoff games.


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