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New York Knicks-

The Knicks are in distress and unraveling every game. What a difference a year makes.The offense is suffering ball movement. The Knicks decline starts at lack leadership from point guard position.

Coach Mike Woodson got big problems on his hands. The move to make JR Smith a starter is hurting him.Smith too inconsistent to be a starter. He better suited as spark off the bench.

Where is the Knicks fundamentals on the court.Woodson sticking with Raymond Felton and JR Smith could result in Woodson dismissal.

Is Woodson losing control of the team?

The defense intensity is not there. Rumors surfacing of trades of fan favorite Iman Shumpert.The Knicks star player Caremelo Anthony is playing a lot minutes. Anthony is giving great effort.

The eyeball test tells us offense not running plays. It seems everyone on the team bring the ball up except for Felton the starting point guard.Which that strategic move is wearing out Anthony and rest of the team.

Is it time for a new voice?

Lets take a look at how we got to this point.

November 11 Monday

Knicks owner demands an immediately to turn the Knicks around. Owner James Dolan guarantees a win next game. Dolan played a show with his band, JD and the Straight Shot, a few hours after the Knicks lost on sunday to San Antonio Spurs.

According to Espn Ian Begley Dolan told the audience at the Cutting Room in Manhattan”Thanks to the Rangers, who brought me a win,” Dolan said. “Unfortunately, the basketball [team] couldn’t do it today. We’re going to win the next game, that’s a guarantee.”

Carmelo Anthony on Dolan Guarantee

“I guess we got to win,” Anthony said when asked about Dolan’s guarantee on Monday. “If the owner said it, I guess we’ve got to make it happen. We want to win. You know. If he said he put the pressure on us to go out there and win the game.”

Woodson on Dolan Guarantee

“As a coach, I think every time we suit it up and step on the floor, we are supposed to win,” Woodson said. “That is just how I feel as a coach. And I want our players to feel the same way.”

November 13 Wednesday

Coach Woodson decided to add JR Smith to starting line up.The Knicks starting lineup going into Wednesday game with Atlanta Hawks. PG Raymond Felton,SG JR Smith,PF Carmelo Anthony,SF Iman Shumpert, and C Andrea Bargnani.

Trade rumors surfaced in Wednesday about Iman Shumpert. Espn Marc Stein confirm trade talk with the Denver Nuggets Shumpert for Kenneth Faried.The trade was later rejected but causing problem within the team chemsity.

Shumpert a big part of Knicks perimeter defense and seems to spark the team at right times throughout playoffs.

Knicks 95 Hawks 91 Recap

The Knicks had a one two punch of Caremlo Anthony and Andrea Bargnani.Jr Smith was a good mix so far after one night.Starting 3 scorers together give defense matchup problems and hard to double team Anthony then.

Knicks Leaders Anthony 25 points,Bargnani 20 points, and Smith 12 points.The biggest surprise was Bargnani 11 rebounds and effort on the court.

November 14 Thursday

After Hawks win JR Smith decided to make a expensive tweet.He appeared to threaten Detroit Pistons Brandon Jennings on a response to defend his brother.Jennings tweeted out before Smith tweet questioning why Smith brothers on the Knicks.Smith got fined from the NBA 25 K for this nonsense.

Rockets 109 Knicks 106 Recap

The Knicks drop another home game and this time to former Knick Jeremy Lin.Anthony and Bargnani seamed to be a good combo.Coaching mistakes and a bad call in the end.

Felton fouls Rockets James Harden as shot clocks ticks down late in the 4th quarter.While attemting a 3 pointer and bad foul.It was later question by Knicks saying it was a bad call.Their was need for Felton to even put the Knicks in that position. So they gave 3 points to the Rockets.

Then under 2 minutes Anthony fouls Dwight Howard away from the ball. That gave Rockets another point.Anthony foul looked like a coaches decision.

Anthony got fouled on a 3 point shot that tied the game.The foul shot could won the game but!!!! The referee did not call in the act of shooting.The whole New York area disagrees and another loss at home.

Rockets Harden 36 points,Parsons 22 points,and Lin 21 points.Howard with 15 rebounds.

Bargnani with a strong defense game against Howard.Knicks were led by Anthony with 45 points and Bargnani had 24 points as the combo starting to work.

November 16 Saturday 

Hawks 110 Knicks 90

It’s not home sweet home anymore The Knicks (3-6) have lost five consecutive games at home.Woodson team looks awful defense and offense.Felton is not running plays and boos were well-known.

Woodson stuck with the struggling JR Smith who help shoot the Knicks out of the game.Anthony 23 points and Bargnani 16 points.

The Hawks had the whole team in double digits except for 2 players.

The Knicks are in major problems and Woodson might not survive another week of this poor performances.

The 20 point loss spark chants of fire Woodson in the third quarter. They weren’t very loud and didn’t pick up much steam.

Mike Woodson may make another lineup change before Tuesday’s game. The Knicks have used four different starting lineups in the first six games.JR Smith may be better off coming off the bench.





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