Enunwa Could Add to the West Coast System in the Big Apple


Sixth Round, 209th pick: WR Quincy Enunwa

The Jets selected Quincy Enunwa with 209th pick in the 6th round of the NFL 2014 draft. Enunwa is a wide receiver from Nebraska, coming in at 6’2,” weighing 225 pounds.

Enunwa’s 40 time was 4.45 seconds.

According to Turning on the Jets Websites’ Michael O’Connor scouting report:


“Incredibly built all throughout his frame with great height and long arms.  Not exactly quick but is definitely fast enough to separate from NFL defensive backs.  So strong and fluid physically that he rarely loses leverage in the midst of his routes and breaks over defensive backs. Sharp cuts in routes that don’t lose much speed.  Very dynamic after the catch with guts, strength, speed, and a very deadly stiff arm.  Will never fear a catching situation; throws his body around if it means catching the football.  Very highly valued intangibles and personality; was a team captain at Nebraska.  Very young; played his Senior year at only 21 years old.  Versatile as either an X or Z wideout.”


“Basically everything about his ability to consistently catch the ball is, well, maddeningly inconsistent.  Body control is on point at times and so bad the next play that there’s no chance he could make the catch.  Actual hand strength is confusing because he bobbles and needs to “double catch” some passes, all despite the fact that he doesn’t drop too many passes when hit at the catch point because his hands can withstand it.  Timing is also usually poor and he makes a lot of focus drops.  Needs to learn how to get the most out of breaks and cuts in more complicated routes.”


“Another pick I can’t help but absolutely love.  The Jets already drafted Saunders and Evans at receiver, but Enunwa is a different type of receiver and is perfect value as somewhat of a “project.”  He could be cut by this summer, or he could be the Jets best player on offense five years down the road, he’s just that athletically capable.  This is excellent depth at a position that nobody really knows how it will shake.  Bottom line, I just love how the Jets drafted three different types of receivers to find a niche for each of them.”

Pro Comparison:  “A Terrell Owens who doesn’t know how to catch the football.”


Enunwa is known for strong character and was a 2013 team captain and a leader in the community for Nebraska.  In his senior year, he caught 51 passes for 753 yards and a school-record 12 touchdowns.  In the Gator Bowl, he caught a 99-yard touchdown pass to help beat Georgia.

What Impact Can Enunwa Make On The Jets:

Enunwa gives the Jets a big receiving target, with good character, and be a fourth or fifth option at receiver.  A bonus about him is that he played in the west coast offense, the same system the Jets typically run.  The best way to describe Enunwa is a big, tough, athletic, West Coast receiver.  That’s a perfect fit for New York.

Enunwa comes with solid size and speed numbers, and has the ability to take control of games.  To sum it up, he is a possession receiver with sneaky speed.


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