Quarterback Competition: The Incumbent’s Job to Lose?

Florham Park:
The New York Jets opened the locker room for the media and it got interesting. The quarterback situation is definitely a hot-button topic. Mike Vick sounds like he thinks he doesn’t have a shot at winning the starting job, almost like it’s Geno Smith’s job to lose unless turns the ball over and doesn’t show command of the offense.
Geno Smith:
Smith quarterback’s rating last season by the month September was 68.6, October 75.2, November 24.5, and December 77.4. Based on the quarterback rating,he had one bad month.
So Smith is the incumbent quarterback, facing competition for his starting job.
According to Newsday writer Kimberley Martin,
Smith said, “I don’t put my mind in that position,” he said. “I try to work as if I’m the underdog. Whether I’m named the starter or not, that’s the way that I work. Like I said, that’s something that helps me, having that constant edge, having that chip on my shoulder, just working extremely hard every single day to get better.”
“Mentally, I won’t change,” Smith said. “I’ll compete as if I’m the last guy on the depth chart trying to make this team. I think that’s what makes me better and that’s the way I work, and I’ve always done that. The biggest difference is my familiarity with the offense, knowing my protections, not trying to come in and learn everything on the go.

“Having 16 games under my belt is really going to pay off for me.”

Smith on Mike Vick:

Smith on watching Vick as a kid: “He was amazing. We all had those ‘Wow!’ moments just watching Mike.” Smith on having Vick around: “I’m just picking his brain. He’s a vet, played in a number of games and has been in this system and thrived.”

Mike Vick:

According to Newsday writer Kimberley Martin,

What’s Vick’s goal this season?

Vick said,”It’s not a situation where I’m the starter, so I’ve got to continue to work hard each and every day.”

Vick on being in a mentor’s role:

“I’m wishing the best for Geno,”I’m going to help him each and every day. I’m going to help him get better. My thing is, when it’s my time to go out there and play, I’ve got to be ready when my number’s called. And nothing can come in between that.”

“It’s still tough right now, I’ll admit,” Vick said. “I won’t lie. Because deep down, you always want to be a starter. You always feel like you’re starting. That’s just the competitive nature in me. And hopefully, that opportunity will come again one day and I’ve just got to keep working for it.”

Vick on the chances of starting:

“Yeah, I would assume Geno would be the starter,” he said. “Geno’s making great strides.”

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