Moving to LA: Are the Bills Leaving The AFC East?



Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross sees the NFL back in Los Angeles sooner rather than later, according to NFL Media’s Jeff Darlington Ross.  Ross predicted that Los Angeles will “certainly” have an NFL franchise in the next five years.

“It’s not as simple as finding a place and putting a stadium there. I think a lot of teams would like to be there, and certain teams should be there, and I think the NFL is very concentrated on getting a team in the L.A. market … It’s about finding the site, building the stadium, getting the approvals and moving on. I think that’s one of the great priorities of the NFL.”

NFL Teams Who Could Move to Los Angeles: 

1. Buffalo Bills

The Bills succession plan is to put the team in a trust and sell to the highest bidder. Plus, they are negotiating a new lease and renovation plan. Only thirty-two percent of the club’s tickets sales have come from Rochester, an hour away, and Southern Ontario. The NFL is interested in continuing to explore the Toronto market.

Could it all depend on the new owner?

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars have not grown in the way the NFL planned. They have new ownership and have the team’s lease, which runs through 2030.

It could be a smart move to break the lease and enter a bigger market.

3. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders lease is up after 2013. There are talks about sharing the 49ers’ stadium until they build a new one, or maybe longer.

The possibly of the Raiders returning to Los Angeles may be strong.

4. St Louis Rams

The Rams have submitted a proposal team to renovate the Edward Jones Dome to the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission. If it’s accepted, the Rams lease will extend through 2025. If it’s rejected, an arbitrator will work out a compromise plan, and the city accepting that one in December would also extend the lease to 2025.

Another team who could find a return to Los Angeles.

5. San Diego Chargers

The Chargers have a three-month escape clause at the beginning of each year at this point in its lease, and could leave next year by paying just $22 million. The NFL doesn’t want to lose the San Diego market and a reasonable stadium deal will keep the Chargers in San Diego.

Los Angeles is not far from San Diego, so this could potentially be the best fit.



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