Jets Top Two Draft Picks Get Injured in Training Camp

New York Jets-

Pryor’s Concussion:

The Jets officially declared rookie safety Calvin Pryor has sustained a concussion. Pryor now has to go through the NFL’s concussion protocol before he can return to action. He was not on the field for practice at all.

Pryor’s return may be a while in waiting, since the league’s concussion guidelines mandate that he pass a number of cognitive evaluations before he can be cleared.

This concussion can be a problem for Pryor, who’s known as a big hitter. How’s this going work for his game?

According to Star Ledger writer Darryl Slater, Rex Ryan on Pryor concussion:

“He was blocking, and the return man kind of got knocked into him and kind of just hit him right,” Ryan said. “Like one of those heavyweights hitting you in the chin. The lights go out.”

Jace Amaro Tweaked nagging patellar tendon injury:

New York Jets Rookie Minicamp

At practice, the Jets’ tight end Jace Amaro had quite the scare. Amaro tweaked his right knee after catching a pass during practice. He said he aggravated his patellar tendon, which had been sore to some degree for the past couple months.

Amaro was sidelined the rest of practice after getting hurt. Trainers wrapped his right knee of Amaro, putting a heavy ice wrap on it. He first struggled to put weight on it. Amaro spent rest of practice watching, though after practice, Amaro walked off the field with no ice, and more importantly, no limp. Amaro stayed after practice to catch 150 balls from the JUGS machine as usual. 

According to Star Ledger writer Darryl Slater,Amaro on the tweak:

“I took a little hard cut, and it gave out a little bit,” Amaro said. “I just hit the ground hard, and when I cut, it just kind of buckled on me. I didn’t get much explosion on my break (after landing) and it kind of just caught me off guard.”

“It was just a little injury that had been going on,” Amaro said. “It was just something I was playing through and hadn’t been bothering me much. But today was one of those days where it was a little inflamed. I’ll take care of it now (with icing and rehab work) that it’s more of an issue than it had been in the past.”


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