Mike Vick Frustrated by Media’s Quarterback Questions

New York Jets-

Mike Vick met with the media for a few minutes after practice. According to Star Ledger writer Darryl Slater, ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini had the last question for Vick.


Cimini asked whether the repetition breakdown indicated the coaches had made a decision on a starting quarterback.

“Decision about what?” Vick asked.

“The quarterback job,” Cimini answered.

“I’m outta here,” Vick said.

He then smiled and added, “Ya’ll have a good one.”

As he departed, Vick had to walk right past Cimini.

“Well, I mean—that’s a fair question,” Cimini said.

Vick, smiling, said, “It’s a fair question, man,” and patted Cimini on the butt.

Vick might have been disappointed he didn’t get any first team reps at practice.

Before the Last Question, Vick Said:

“I think having all the first-team reps allows him to get into a rhythm with the receivers, develop that rapport with the first-team offensive line, with the running backs,” Vick said. “You know, time is short. … In four weeks, we’ll be playing the first regular-season game, so it’s time to buckle down and get everything situated, moving in the right direction and find the focus, as far as what our offense is going to be centered around.”




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