New York Roundtable: Jets/Giants Full Recap

New York Jets-

The New York Giants defeated the New York Jets 35-24.The Jets first team starters out-played the Giants first team starters by a score of 10-7.


1) Geno Smith won the starting job by showing command and progress; he just keeps seeing the field better and better. He was really comfortable on strikes to his weapons. What was your take on Geno Smith performance against the Giants?

Christa Levitas: Geno Smith looked great out there. He held onto the ball and looked more confident and comfortable with the Jets system. One of his biggest weaknesses last year was turnovers; however he has been making smarter decisions by throwing the ball away rather than forcing it into wide receiver’s hands. He has also has improved on his footwork and is able to move the ball by targeting open wide receivers on the field.

Ryan Gopen: Geno smith had a spectacular performance against the Giants. He is showing big improvements as a leader. Geno deserves to be our starter.

Robert Melofchik: Geno Smith is showing command in the offense and moving the ball. He’s going through his progression.

2) Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson looked good on a dominant run game against the Giants. Your thoughts?

Christa Levitas: The Jets have a stable and solid running game with Johnson and Ivory. The RB’s looked good against the Giants, which is a good sign for the season to come. Chris Johnson is a speedy RB who can only run fast but can also catch passes off the backfield which makes him a great asset to the Jets offense. Chris Ivory who is known as the “bruiser” was also sharp against the Giants. He was able to help guide the Jets to score points on the field. Rex Ryan has mentioned how he was pleased with the rushing attack. Overall, the duel did a great job illustrating both power and speed against the Giants.

Ryan Gopen: The Jets run game was absolute perfection if you were to describe it. Chris Johnson and his speed is dangerous along with Ivory and his furious style of run game. If they continue to play like that, the Jets run game will be one of the best in the NFL.

Robert Melofchik: The run game is solid, and they used a lot screen plays that the Giants defense struggled with.

3) Eric Decker looked sharp. How did you like his performance?

Christa Levitas: I’m pleased with Eric Decker’s performance. He’s proven to be a consistent and impressive rookie for Geno Smith. He has also been praised by Mike Westhoff, the former Jets special teams coach about his progress during training camp. During training camp Eric Decker has looked sharp, he’s able to run pass patterns and is a big target at wide receiver for the Jets. Decker has proven he is able to catch deep balls and has quickly adapted to the Jets playbook.

Ryan Gopen: Deckers’ performance was an average one. He could’ve have two touchdowns but dropped one in the end zone, though he caught a TD pass from Vick.

Robert Melofchik: Decker is good character football player. He runs routes very well and is a perfect mentor for the young players.

4) Jace Amaro is improving. What do you like about his progress?

Christa Levitas: I like how Amaro can use his size to advantage he’s the type of guy who can run people over. I like his progress and it took him awhile to learn the playbook, however during his performance against the Giants he managed to get his first NFL touchdown. I think he’s going to be a deadly weapon for the Jets.

Ryan Gopen: Amaro is showing impressive progress while Cumberland is dealing with injures.

5) Jeremy Kerley can have big year. What are your thoughts on him returning punts?

Christa Levitas:I like Kerley is a solid, reliable and good wide receiver for the Jets. However I’m honestly not a big fan of him returning punts. Usually Kerley fair-catches the ball when returning the punts. As one of the key wide receivers for the Jets I really don’t want to risk him getting hurt doing punt returns.

Ryan Gopen: Kerley should remain as our PR, due to Ford being cut and Saunders not having as many reps. 

Robert Melofchik: I’d rather see Kerley play offense only. Last year, the games Kerley missed, the Jets struggled. They had a good record with him playing. The goal is to keep him healthy.

6) Who should return punts and kickoffs?

Christa Levitas: I honestly like Saalim Hakin or Jalen Saunders to play on special teams. Hakim is a fast and speedy wide receiver and is the fastest wide receiver on the Jets. I think he has potential to be a good player on special teams. I also would like to see Jalen Saunders on special teams. As a slot and speedster type wide receiver I think Jalen Saunders can excel at this position.

Ryan Gopen: Saunders and Hakim should share the spot as KR and PR. They both have major speed and awareness.

Robert Melofchik: I would love to see Saalim Hakim and Jalen Saunders share them. Hakim could be a bonus in some offense reps and use his speed to take the top off the defense.

7) The pass rush and run stop looked good. Your thoughts?

Christa Levitas: I thought both looked great against the Giants. However, pass rush is still a question mark for me. I didn’t see much of it against the Bengals, which is a concern because we need a good pass rush to put pressure on the opponent’s quarterback.

Ryan Gopen: The pass rush is dangerous. The Jets line is top 3 in the NFL. They did their job against the Giants. Jason Babin was also impressive against the Giants.

8) What is your take on the cornerback performance against the Giants?

Christa Levitas: It’s still a big weakness in the secondary. Our cornerbacks got beat and fooled during a few plays against the Giants. A lot of these new cornerbacks the Jets picked up are still learning the system. However, I did think Walls is making progress and is a much improved cornerback from when he was playing last year.

Ryan Gopen: The corner back position is a scary one for the Jets right now with Dee being hurt, Dex with his ACL and Patterson going AWOL. The Jets need people to step up and step up now.

Robert Melofchik: Antonio Allen played very good until he left the game with a head injury. Darrin Walls had good coverage as well. Rex Ryan’s scheme will help the cornerbacks out.


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