LRU Roundtable: Inside the NFL’s Undefeated

A miniature roundtable between the Locker Room Update writers has some of us talking about which team left undefeated is the best in the NFL. A consensus was reached. On the other hand, we gave our predictions on not necessarily the worst undefeated team that remains, but the team that will lose first. Check it out and give us your thoughts!



Christa Levitas: Currently, the New England Patriots are the best undefeated team in the NFL. The Patriots play in the AFC East, which is arguably one of the harder divisions in the NFL. New England currently has the best ranked offense in the NFL. However, out of the teams that are undefeated I think the Patriots will be the first team to lose. They will be facing a more competitive New York Jets team who has more talent on both sides of the ball.

In the past, the Jets have always been close to beating the Patriots within a margin of points. The Jets currently have one of the best ranked defenses in the NFL. This defense knows how to create turnovers and in the past been known for being a good run defense. During the offseason, the Jets improved their weaknesses at the cornerback position by bringing in Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, and Buster Skrine during free agency each of who play a key role on this defense.

The Jets also have emerging talent on defense such as Marcus Williams who knows how to make plays and Dion Bailey who was claimed by the Jets just a few weeks ago. They also recently got Sheldon Richardson back from suspension who is already making an impact on the team. Expect Bowles, to rotate them and use a 4-3 defense from time to time. The Patriots are missing some key parts on the offensive line, and I expect the Jets to take advange of that by blitzing and getting to Tom Brady.

Next to the Patriots, I think the Jets are closest team in the AFC East who can challenge the Patriots. I think the Jets defense will give them a hard time and give the Patriots their first loss of the season.

Ethan Bench: The Patriots are the best team in the league right now. Tom Brady is playing better than anybody else, and he has some of the best skill players around him. On top of the skill in this offense, they have the best coach in the league. I don’t see the Patriots losing any time soon.



The Panthers are a good team with an easy schedule. They are improved from last year, but every team they’ve beaten so far currently has a losing record. With tougher matchups coming up against the Eagles and colts, I expect a loss coming for the panthers within the next 2 weeks.

Alex Peterman: I think the best team in the NFL right now is the New England Patriots. Tom Brady has the patriots offense running on all four cylinders, and the secondary hasn’t experienced as large of a drop-off as I expected going into the season. Essentially, if the Patriots are your opponent, the game becomes one of whether or not you can score enough points to keep up. Six times out of six, that hasn’t been enough. And depending on the week, sometimes it isn’t even close.


The weakest undefeated team, in this case, is also the one I think will lose first: the Denver Broncos. While the Panthers are close, I think it’s the Broncos who have the most glaring weaknesses. For the first time since his rookie year, Peyton Manning has more interceptions than touchdowns, and more than one has been returned for a touchdown. Sure, he still has the mind of a football genius. His throwing motion just doesn’t capture that anymore. That’s coming from someone who’s followed him as a fa throughout his career. By way of schedule, the Broncos become the next team to lose their first game. Green Bay hasn’t looked stellar in their last two weeks, but they’ll be able to do enough to defeat Denver in Mile High. In order for one streak to continue, another must end.



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