LRU Roundtable: Week 4 Power Rankings Heading into Sunday Slate

Locker Room Update gives you its Week 4 Power Rankings as the teams head into this Sunday’s slate of games. We constructed our rankings based on the total points from 1-10 collected from individual rankings of our staff. The points vary over the spectrum of 1-100, with a score of 100 being a perfect score for the number one team, and a score of 1 being the lowest. In this case, the lowest team managed four votes, whereas teams ranked below the top 10 received none.

Photo credit: USA Today

Photo credit: USA Today

1. Patriots (98 points; 8 first-place votes) 

Generally, the defending national champs are the favorite so far this year, as they’ve yet to give us any reason to take the No. 1 title away from them.

2. Packers: (91 points; 2 first-place votes)

The Packers look absolutely unstoppable behind a stellar offense and a much-improved defense. Not even injuries seem to be able to slow this team down.

3. Cardinals: (69 points)

The Cardinals tie with the Broncos for the third place slot. With an MVP-caliber performance from Carson Palmer thus far, it’s difficult to outscore a team that has such a dynamic defense.

3. Broncos: (69 points)

The Broncos no longer have the Peyton Manning of 2013. However, he’s still putting up solid numbers and Denver may have the best defense in the league right now. It’s downright scary.

4. Bengals: (67 points)

Bengals fans are witnessing “good Andy” more consistently than they’e used to, and it’s opening up a world of options for this loaded offense. Couple that with an opportunistic secondary and a revamped defensive line, and you have a recipe for success.

5 Bills: (42 points)

The Bills, led by Tyrod Taylor, might be the league’s biggest surprise this year. We knew the defense would be phenomenal. What many of us did not know was how efficient the offense would be.

6. Falcons: (30 points)

The Falcons and Steelers tie for the 6th spot. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones have this offense running on all four cylinders. They’ll have to continue to win shootouts with a lackluster defense, but it doesn’t look like that will be a problem.

6. Steelers: (30 points)

The Steelers, even without Big Ben, had several chances to go 3-1 against the Ravens on Thursday night. That’s telling. The secondary is starting to step up, and Bell should hold the fort until Ben gets back. Vick has enough talent to keep the team afloat.

7. Chiefs (16 points)

The Chiefs have had some tough losses to exceptional teams. Their record is more reflective of their schedule than it is their talent. Things don’t get easier with Cincinnati, but this team will regroup down the stretch.

8. Panthers: (13 points)

The Panthers are consistently looking more and more dangerous. The defense is deadly, and Cam Newton has this offense progressing every week.

9. Seahawks: (10 points)

The Seahawks, despite their record, are a very talented team. They started 3-3 last year and look what happened. A win against the Bears in the books and a favorable matchup against the Lions coming up will likely give them their kickstart.

10. Vikings (4 points)

Teddy Bridgewater has already shown significant growth this season. The Vikings shook off the rough start with the help of Adrian Peterson, and don’t look now, but they’ve reeled off back-to-back wins. Their game against Denver could be the game to watch this week.


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