LRU Spotlight: Interview with 2016 NFL Draft Prospect, Corey Felton

Height: 5’8 1/2
Hometown: Pahokee, FL — A.K.A. “Muck City”

Overview: Corey Felton was a senior who majored in Business Administration and played cornerback. He started off his football college career playing for William Penn University and Fort Hays State University before transferring to Virginia University of Lynchburg. He is a great athlete with great speed who is good man-to-man cornerback. One scout has compared him to Tim Jennings. He was also one of the players invited to participate in the NFL Regional Combine in New Orleans. He was also invited to the Globe Bowl and the Dream Bowl.

Corey Felton

I had the pleasure of interviewing Corey, during which time he told me more about his background, his personality and his overall love for football.

Christa: For the people who do not know your story, how did you wind up choosing Virginia University of Lynchburg?

CF: Well I attended Palm Beach State College in Belle Glade FL sense I wasn’t being recruited by anyone out of high school. Where I was focus on academics at the time. Then I transferred to William Penn University for one semester where I played my first college. Then I transferred from their after one semester because of a scholarship situation to Fort Hays State University where I played WR for one year. Scholarship situation got in the way once again. So I took a year off from school to regroup on everything then my cousin Kevenski Mcgee who played TE at Virginia University of Lynchburg at the time called me and ask me to attend there. So Luther Palmer recruited me and I played my last 2 years of college football there.

C: What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?

CF: My strengths are my speed and physicality that I bring to play. Even though I am a natural athlete that can play on the offensive side as well. Sense I’m 5’8″ 1/2 but strong I can get physical with the bigger WR and I can run with the fastest opponent.

C: What separates you from the other players at your position?

CF: I can play all coverages very well from man to man, cover 2/3, even zone coverage. By me being fast I can mix it up at the line of scrimmage. And I also play ST so I can bring more to a team.

C: Which current or former NFL player do you think you resemble and why?

CF: I don’t really resemble myself to anyone because I am the future. No disrespect but I feel like I bring my own style of play to the game.

C: Who is the toughest player you’ve ever faced in your college career?

CF: The toughest play I’ve ever face was All-American Keelen Cole WR- Kentucky Wesleyan College he’s has good athleticism with a combination of height, speed, good route runner and he also knows the game of football very smart player.

C: There has been smaller cornerbacks in the NFL that have started and have done extremely well in the league such as Darrelle Revis, Joe Haden, Brent Grimes, etc. How do you match up against the taller more physical wide receivers?

CF: It starts with my attitude and confidence. I’m not afraid to match against any WR. I try to get physical with them at times but most importantly I can leap really high so I use that to my advantage. I love to play man to man so that gives me an opportunity to get a hand on them I also watch game film I study my opponent well.

C: If an NFL scout were to walk up to you and give you ten seconds to sell yourself, what would you say?

CF: I am a team player. I can bring a lot of success to your organization. I work hard everyday to get better on my craft. I’m coachable and a quick learner. I will play anywhere on the field if needed. I’m respectful and carry professionally at all times. You will not regret picking or signing me.

C: Where and how did you get the nickname,“Jetrabbit?”

CF: Well, growing up in Pahokee FL also known as “Muck City” I was always faster then all the other kids playing sports. I would blow past everybody one on a nine route what we call a “bomb” for the touchdown all the time. Also I chase rabbits during the sugarcane harvest season. It helps with speed agility and the most rabbits I’ve caught was 60 rabbits. People would always say you ever seen a “Muck Rabbit” try to get away from hunters but fly and glide like a jet with acceleration in strive well that’s Corey.

C: What is the most inspirational or powerful thing a coach has ever said to you in your college career?

CF: I cant promise you an NFL career but before you leave campus I will show you how to be a man, get a college degree, and get you a good job to take care of you in your family after college.

C: What was your favorite moment/play at Virginia University of Lynchburg?

CF: 2014 football season we played again Alderson Broaddus University it was a break out game for me. 4 tackles, 1 PBU, run a player down from 50 yards preventing a TD, and played the hold game in man to man coverage with no catches made on me.

Locker Room Update would like to thank Corey Felton for taking the time to speak with us. We wish him the best of luck as he continues his journey as an NFL 2016 draft prospect.

You can check out his highlights here

You can check out his Broad Jump here

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You can check out his 40 time here

Testing #’s from spring ball last year:
Vertical Jump: 36
Broard Jump: 10’06”
Squat: 365
Incline: 245
Bench Press Max: 315
225: 20 reps

NFL Regional Combine 2016 New Orleans testing #’s
performed with hamstring injury
Height: 5805
Weight: 178
40 yard dash: 4.60, 4.63
VJ: 32
BJ: 9’7″
Arm: 28.5
Hand: 9.5
20 yard: 2.62
R-SS: 5.17
L-SS: 4.96

No proday but best test #’s
Height: 5’8″ 1/2
Weight: 178
40 yrd dash: 4.34
Bench: 16 reps
BJ: 10’6″
VJ: 32
SS: 4.96
Arm: 28.5
Hand size: 9.5

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