LRU Spotlight: Interview with Multi-Sport Don Lugo Athlete, Khoury Bethley

Khoury Bethley is a member of Don Lugo High School’s class of 2018. He excels on both the football team and the baseball team and hope to have a future in either sport going forward at the college level.  As a strong safety, he lays wood on opposing running backs and receivers, and he takes great angles in pursuit. He also plays running back with the team.

Khoury Bethley

Khoury took the time to speak with myself and Locker Room Update about his career background in football ad baseball, and his career aspirations as an athlete. Check it out!


When did you first begin playing football and baseball?

I started playing football at the age of 6 and baseball at the age of 8.

What’s the most inspirational or powerful thing a coach has ever said to you?

My popwarner coach said ‘Khoury nothing comes easy in life, if you want to be successful you have to put in the work.’

Is sports something you want to pursue in college? If so, do you have a dream situation for your college career?

Sports is what I want to do in college. I don’t have a dream school. It would be a blessing to play sports anywhere at the next level!

As a baseball and football player at Don Lugo, what are some of the unique challenges of being a multi-sport athlete?

I would say time management is key with managing school work on top of training for both sports to allow myself to perform at an elite level.

When it comes to football, you double as a running back and a strong safety. How has your experience running the ball helped you better defend running gaps as a defensive back?

Playing running back helps me as a defensive back because as a safety I know everybody’s job on the field — who’s filling what gap and were the cutback lane will be. Playing running back helps me because I can put myself in the running back’s shoes and when he gets the hand off and sees the hole isn’t there and tries to cut back or get to the outside I’m already there to fill the whole.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I see myself playing football for a university and getting my education in sports medicine.

And to close, what’s the most important thing about you off the field that makes you a better player on the field?

My work ethic. I work very hard in every thing I do so that when I’m on the field it becomes second nature.

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