Locker Room Update’s Official First Round Mock Draft

Locker Room Update’s own Christa Levitas and Alex Peterman are back at it this year, as we give fellow football fans our full first-round mock draft.


Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett

In a draft where the Browns are LOADED with selections, it makes sense to take value over need — and Garrett does both for Cleveland. When you average around a sack per game in the SEC, you’re doing something special. Expect him to make an immediate impact on the Browns’ pass rush.

San Francisco 49ers: Solomon Thomas

There have been talks that they could go QB. I think the 49ers are a wildcard when it comes to the draft. I picked Solomon Thomas because I feel he can be an asset to their defense. He can be the edge rusher that they are looking for. He’s explosive and versatile.

Chicago Bears: Jamal Adams

There are a lot of pundits pointing towards the top quarterback options here, but I don’t see Chicago going signal-caller. Adams is the top defensive back in the draft and Chicago has been shoring up on weaknesses that side of the ball for the last two years. Adams gives them a center piece for their defense.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Leonard Fournette

It wouldn’t surprise me if they selected a QB at some point in the draft, however I believe Fournette would give their offense another dimension. He would improve their run game and would take pressure off of Blake Bortles.

Tennessee Titans: Marshon Lattimore

This is a tough pick because if I had to put money on a team trading down, it would be Tennessee. But Lattimore would provide a nice boost to a defense missing Jason McCourty. For a draft lacking receivers outside of Mike Williams, the Titans will likely look at their next largest need.

New York Jets: Malik Hooker

I do believe the Jets would love to have Jamal Adams if he fell to 6. I expect the Jets to try to do everything in their power to move down to acquire more picks. A QB here doesn’t fit Maccagnan’s BPA philosophy. The Jets need to improve their secondary. Hooker has a high upside and would be an immediate impact on the Jets defense.

Carolina Panthers: Christian McCaffrey

The Panthers need to consider upgrading their run game. Stewart is almost 30 years old. Mccaffrey is a versatile back who can used as a running back and as a slot receiver for the Panther’s offense.

Cincinnati Bengals: Reuben Foster

A few weeks ago, Foster was a lock-in-and- forget-about-it selection for me. Recent red flags have given me reason for more than a few pauses, but ultimately, I just go back to the film. And every time I go back to the film, I fall in love for what this linebacker can do for the Bengals. With a depleted defense, Foster would provide an impact that would be — if not immediate considering his healing injury — significant. Imagine Foster and Burfict roaming the heart of the Bengals defense. Bengals fans should be salivating.

Buffalo Bills: Mike Williams
The Bills add another Clemson wide receiver onto their roster. They go back to back picking a Clemson player in the first round. Williams has great hands, a great redzone target and would be a great weapon for Tyrod Taylor. The Bills need to upgrade their WR core and Williams gives them their top wide receiver to go along side Sammy Watkins.

New Orleans Saints: Haasan Reddick
The Saints could benefit in a big way from Reddick — and that’s if he makes it this far, as we have predicted. He’s versatile and could be an effective outside backer who provides a nice third-down punch in pressure. That’s something the Saints haven’t had a lot of.

Cleveland Brown: Mitchell Trubisky
The Browns get their quarterback. I do believe the Browns have interest in Trubisky and would love to have to fall to 12. I can also see them trying to move up to try and secure their potential franchise quarterback. Trubisky has the tools and intangibles to be a successful QB.

Arizona Cardinals: Derek Barnett
Teams tend to overvalue quarterbacks in the draft and they could be persuaded to reach for Patrick Mahomes here, but if they feel comfortable with Palmer for at least another healthy year, I think Arizona is in a good position to take the best player available — and Barnett makes a good case for that here if he’s still available. He provides a very effective defense end for a team that loves to wreak havoc in the backfield.

Philadelphia Eagles: Kevin King
The Eagles desperately need cornerback help. He has an athletic cornerback who would be a great #1 cornerback for the Eagles secondary. They had McKelvin and Carroll last year as their starting CBs. Both are no longer on their roster. King would be an asset to their defense. They should draft a cornerback early.

Indianapolis Colts: Jonathan Allen
I think at this point in the first round, it’s between Allen and Charles Harris for the Colts. Despite the slight injury concern, I give the edge to Allen, who spearheaded Bama’s threat on the line all season. He’ll provide a huge impact to a defense that is very much lacking a star play-maker.

Baltimore Ravens: Corey Davis
The Ravens could afford to upgrade their wide receiving core. Corey Davis is a big target who also has some speed to his game. He would be a great red zone target for Flacco and would provide their offense with more weapons.

Washington Redskins: Dalvin Cook
Washington breaks Tampa’s collective heart here and grabs arguably the best RB in the draft. Cook is better than Fournette, but the LSU product fits Jacksonville’s system better and the same goes for McCaffrey with Carolina. Cook will give the Redskins a big addition to their offense. Kelley and Co. can still get reps; this way, they have their true No. 1 back.

Tennessee Titans: John Ross
The Titans addressed their cornerback need at pick #5 now it’s time to add another weapon on offense for Marcus Mariota. John Ross is an explosive playmaker, Mariota to Ross would be a fun combination to watch.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ryan Ramczyk
With all of the top running backs off the board and with considerable frustration at Washington for taking their No. 1 option here, Tampa grabs a top O-lineman. Ramczyk will get in position to protect his QB faster than you can say his last name (which is deceptively just pronounced RAM-check). His leverage, balance, and intuition against blitzes will make him a great asset for the Bucs.

Denver Broncos: Garret Bolles
One of the biggest needs for the Broncos is the offensive tackle position. Bolles would be an impact and immediate starter at the left tackle position. A position where the Broncos need the most help in.

Detroit Lions: Adoree’ Jackson
Some team have Jackson listed as their No. 2 cornerback in the Draft. Conley is a wildcard with the rape accusation and I would expect Jackson to be take sooner because of it — unless Conley is cleared beforehand. Detoit would love to have atru No. 1 running back, but none are worth reaching for at this point. But they sure could use some help in the secondary, and Jackson is a nice fit.


Miami Dolphins: Taco Charlton
With the Dolphins parting ways with Dion Jordan I have them selecting Charlton. Charlton is an explosive playmaker who I feel would compliment Suh and Wake. He offers a different skill set compared to the two and who has the ability to set the edge.

New York Giants: David Njoku
Njoku is a tight end that has a great deal of upside and whom I think will transition into the NFL easily. The Giants defense was phenomenal last year, and I think that by adding another weapon to this offense, you continue to fill in the little puzzle pieces that were missing for this team. New York would love to get a No. 1 running back, but they’ll have to settle for value at that position unless they choose to trade up.

Oakland Raiders: Zach Cunningham
The Raiders could use a fast, athletic linebacker like himself for their defense. Cunningham is a versatile linebacker who can play and contribute in a 3-4 or 4-3 type defense. He would be a tone setter for the Raiders defense.

Houston Texans: Deshaun Watson
The Texans need a quarterback, plain and simple — and it probably comes down between Mahomes and Watson. I think Watson may be catching too much flak for inconsistencies, as he’s still a dynamic signal-caller, both with his arm and on his legs. If the Texans are looking for a guy that can come in and start right away (which they are, at least to compete), Watson is very likely that guy.

Seattle Seahawks: Marlon Humphrey
With rumors looming of the Seahawks potentially wanting to trade Richard Sherman, Humphrey would be a great fit for their secondary as well as their scheme. He’s a big physical cornerback who could start and would add more depth at the cornerback position. He would bring more youth to the aging Legion of Boom.

Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes
There were a couple of teams interested in Mahomes’ upside and with all of the other major quarterbacks off the board, there’s a good chance the Chiefs take the last higher-profile one. Mahomes is the opposite of Alex Smith — trigger-happy and wanting the big play, but I don’t think Kansas City will shy away from that. They could even stick him on the bench and groom his patience for a year or two behind Smith.

Dallas Cowboys: Charles Harris
I have the Cowboys selecting either two positions here that’s either a cornerback or a defensive end. The Cowboys desperately need more playmakers on defense especially one who can successfully get to the quarterback. The Cowboys drafted Randy Gregory whose off field issues has kept him off the field. Harris has the tools and intangibles to be a successful contributor to the Cowboys defense.

Green Bay Packers: T.J. Watt
This is a player that would provide an immediate impact for the Packers’ linebacker corp. Scouts have raved about his hand play, and he’s excellent running disruption in the passing lanes. Green Bay’s secondary would greatly benefit from adding a play-maker to the front-seven, especially one who has perhaps even more upside than he’s already demonstrated in college.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Deshone Kizer.
With Big Ben considering retirement. It’s time for the Steelers to start getting prepared and think about live after Big Ben. Kizer is not ready to start but he would have the ability to sit and learn under him for a year. Plus, the Steelers need to upgrade from Landry Jones.

Atlanta Falcons: Gareon Conley
This is a highly-touted cornerback class, and Conley may very well finish it off for the first round. This is highly dependent on any results or lack thereof from the rape accusation. At the same time, I’ve spoken with one of his former-teammates at Ohio State that had nothing but good words to say about him (this was a few weeks ago). Conley has excellent instincts and ball skills and would provide excellent depth to a team that is looking for just that.

New Orleans Saints: Obi Melifonwu
The Saints addressed their need at linebacker with their earlier pick. With their 2nd first round pick I have them picking an athletic defensive back who can help and make an immediate impact for their secondary.

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