Jerimiah Spicer Joins Cape Fear, Brings Contagious Energy to Heroes Defense

In September of last year, Jerimiah Spicer was drawing interest from several NFL teams. We published a story following our interview with Spicer where we discussed some of the qualities he brings to the table that professional teams were falling in love with.

That was late in the offseason, and now Spicer is working to gather film at a top Arena League team, the Cape Fear Heroes.

The recruiting process was an interesting one. Always the motivator and always the team-first guy in the room, Spicer was doing his best to set other football players up with teams on social media when Coach Charles Gunnings of the Heroes gave him a pitch for joining their defense.

“Once he got here, his energy for our team was amazing,” Gunnings said. “It’s contagious.”

And he’s not the only one that felt that way. When asked about why he chose this team as his next destination, Spicer points toward the positive energy he felt from Gunnings and defensive coordinator Quincy Malloy.

“Cape Fear reached out to me,” Spicer said. “I felt wanted.”

He was.

“He brings great size, great strength, a lot of tenacity, and the kid is very, very hungry,” defensive coach Malloy said.  When I had the opportunity to look at the film and have a discussion with him, I just felt he would be a good fit for our family.”

The star defender’s story of tragedy-turned-motivation is well-known in local stories, especially where he grew up. He takes every opportunity to give back to the community. Now, he’s continuing to take that adversity as obstacles that he can and will overcome.

Learning a difficult playbook with Cape Fear may prove to be the next obstacle facing him, but the coaches collectively point toward his early success with the team. And that goes beyond the pic-six that he notched in one of his first practices with the team.

“He’s a versatile player. He can not only play line backer, but he can play defensive end as well,” Gunnings continued. “It’s going to be a tough decision for our coaches on Game Day, but that’s a tough decision that we always want as coaches.”

You can read the latest story on Spicer from the team’s website here. You can also check out some of his best highlights here.


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  1. Jeremiah is a beast on the field and a leader in the community, get this guy a opportunity in the league he deserves it more than anyone.

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