LRU Spotlight: Interview with 2018 NFL Draft Prospect, Nicholas Williams

Nicholas Williams is an “ironman player” for the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, playing both tight end and defensive end. He sets edges well, is a strong blocker, and has good acceleration off the snap from the beginning to the end of the football game.

Nicholas recently took some time to speak to us at Locker Room Update about his football career thus far, as well as his aspirations in the sport. Check out our Q&A below.

When did you first fall in love with playing football?

Growing up we would go outside and just try to kill each other until you have up the ball. Went to school as I got older and found out that it was actually a sport.

Who was your role model in football when you were growing up, and who was your role model outside of the sport during your childhood?

My football role model Larry Fitzgerald. At the time he was the “it” receiver. I could catch the best growing up because I had such big hands. Outside of the sport my role model was LeBron James. Because I couldn’t play basketball well but I could dunk my forearm off.

What is the most inspirational or powerful thing a coach has ever said to you?

I’ll never forget when, Coach Santos Corrillo looked me in my eye and told me that “Insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results.”

You play both tight end and defensive lineman. What would you say is the biggest advantage to playing both sides of the ball for improving your overall game?

Being on defense helps me better understand the instinctive and reactive side I football, whereas offense helps me understand the schematic and technical side of football. I’m a bit of a mix match up on both sides.

What is your biggest strength, in your opinion? What are you most trying to improve on?

My biggest strength is my motor, like I may lose a one on one 3 different times in a game but every moment that particular opponent eases off now its time to play some football.

Who in the NFL do you see as a role model for what you want to accomplish in football, and why?

I would have to say Walter Payton. Not only would I like to play in the NFL for a long time, but I’d also like to leave an impact to the point were everyone that plays the game after me will someday thank me for paving the way. I want to change the game!

If an NFL scout were to walk up to you and give you ten seconds to sell yourself, what would you say?

I would just tell them to put me to work.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Playing in the Pro Bowl, with at least 1 Super Bowl championship title.

And to close, what’s the most important thing about you off the field that makes you a better player on the field?

The fact that I don’t live for me. When you see Nick Williams I’m just a tangible representation of every individual that has ever been instrumental in my success. This is my way of thanking them. It’s much much bigger than me. I didn’t come this far just to “get close”. I have something to prove to myself.

We wish the best of luck to Nicholas as he continues his football career. You can follow him on Twitter here. You can also check out his highlights here.

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