LRU Writer’s App Will Change the Way You Watch Football

Looking for a way to get more involved in America’s favorite sport? Locker Room Update’s own Aishik Lala has teamed up with partners David Zinland-Pukhovitsky, Kristian Andaas, Nico Ramirez-Icaza, and Parth Valecha to create an application called FlashPlays Live that will enhance viewers’ experience by asking fans and followers eight questions per game at set points in the contests — for the chance to win cash prizes. The best part? It’s completely free to enter. We’ve tested the application here at Locker Room Update, and not only does it make the games more fun to watch, according to site CEO Alex Peterman, but it creates a new dimension, adding stakes on top of the opportunity to answer in-the-moment questions developed by a knowledgeable, fan-friendly team. Below is a message from one of the founders, including the mission behind the application, and how you can get involved.

The problem

Despite being the most watched sport in the country, football’s television presentation remains far from perfect. The average NFL game lasts for 3 hours and 13 minutes, and of that time, only 13 minutes consist of actual in-game action. Compared to other major sports, commercial breaks occur the most frequently in football games, preventing fans from maintaining an engaging interaction with the game and disconnecting them from the exciting action that occurs. Even without commercials, your average viewing experience generally consists of watching 300-pound linemen slowly ready themselves at the line of scrimmage, random cutaways to fans on a jumbotron, commentators spouting generic gibberish, and unnecessary aerial shots of the stadium. Commercial breaks and these natural moments of restlessness go directly against the thrill-craving nature of  NFL fans, and leaves them with a burning desire for a better and more involved experience. This is a hole that FlashPlays seeks to fill.

How do we fix it?

To help provide the most optimal NFL viewing experience possible, FlashPlays offers an in-game prediction platform that connects football viewers with live action, during the breaks of NFL games. By having viewers make 8 predictions during a game, the mobile app allows users to have their own personal stake on every down and every drive – creating an exponentially more personal, and engaging viewing experience. FlashPlays provides the same exciting appeal as live game betting, with none of the financial risks and even more ways to win money! Similar to the game HQ trivia, FlashPlays awards users who answer all 8 questions correctly with a cash prize, at absolutely no cost to play!

Get Started FlashPlays’ beta app is currently available in app stores as a way to gain traction and feedback from NFL fans before the official launch this September. At the same time, FlashPlays is currently hosting $100 cash prize contests for every NFL Playoff game this season. What are you waiting for? Download FlashPlays on your app store to truly be more than a fan.

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