Zero to Hero: Spicer’s Latest Step in Achieving NFL Dream

Jerimiah Spicer is a name you may have heard from us at Locker Room Update before. It’s a name that may soon become more and more popular in the world of professional football. We’ve reported on his backstory — a tale of a man overcoming incredible adversity to find success on the football field. His mother passed away when he was very young. His father has not been a part of his life in a decade. He could easily default to the loss of his parents as an excuse, and his story would be one of many unfortunate ones like it. But instead, he has made his story a unique one, for he has succeeded in spite of everything. But that’s the first chapter — the intro — and it seems as though every month, we have another edition to add, another chapter as Spicer continuously makes strides in his efforts to play professional football at the highest level. He embraces adversity. He embodies perseverance. And it’s paying off.

In his latest news, Jerimiah is making inroads with the Los Angeles Chargers, as well as The San Diego Fleet and teams within the IFL. Not only has he been named to the Chargers’ short list, but he is also now part of the workout squad and will be showcasing his athletic ability at the Chargers’ local Pro Day after communication with their coaching staff.

He was also recently drafted by the MLFB, following a 2018 season in which he led the entire Arena league in tackles.

Spicer, of course, is not a traditional player. Versatility has become the name of his game over the course of his career thus far, as pointed out by everyone I’ve spoken with, including SoCal Coyotes defensive coach, Mark Ramer.

“He’s a kid I can count on to plug into any [position], and he’s good. He’s an ultimate team player,” Ramer said about Spicer, citing that during their time together, he asked the defender to play outside linebacker and defensive end in just the first two weeks of the season.

Coach Gunnings and Coach Mallow with the Cape Fear Heroes, whom Spicer played with a season ago, also echoed these sentiments. When Spicer played for them, the former actually indicated that it would be a difficult decision of where to play him, because he can play so many positions effectively.

“That’s a tough decision that we always want as coaches,” he told me over the phone. In addition to DE and LB, Spicer has game experience at safety and special teams as well.

He’ll get the chance to showcase those talents in the Chargers’ Pro Day, which will likely be in April, leading up to the NFL Draft. In the past, the Buccaneers, Ravens, and Rams have also been in contact with him — and currently, he’s also talking with the Minnesota Vikings, Orlando Predators and Memphis Express of the AAF.

It seems like Spicer is finally developing a niche interest from teams that could be a good fit for him — the Chargers, for instance, boasted a top ten defense throughout the year in 2018, finishing the regular season ranked No. 9 in yards allowed.

This aside, Spicer would give any team a number of options. Armed with the ability to play so many positions, a team could easily work toward adding specificity to his game, narrowing down what they would like him to focus on for their needs.

He certainly has the persistence and energy to take on a challenge. After all, this is just the next step in his journey — a journey that, so far, he has met with astounding success.

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