Local Sports Analyst, “Mystic Zach,” Has Big Plans for Future of Fantasy Sports

It only takes one to change the game. And in this case, Zach Hirsch — perhaps better known as “Mystic Zach” in the online world of sports predictions, is turning competitive sports games as both a passion and a unique endeavor.

The 18-year-old student at Space of Mind Schoolhouse in Delray Beach, Florida first developed sports “analysis” as a passion as a freshman. He quickly found his niche, starting his own sports segment and eventually starting his own sports show on Facebook Live for the year.

“I’ve always loved sports since I was a little kid,” he said. “But that was the first time I was on camera talking about it. If you go back and look at the difference between me then and now, it’s so funny.”

But things took off. As he made sports analysis a growing passion throughout high-school, he jump-started his own website, called I Pick Wins. From his sports connections and his startling track record — one that includes a published 21-0 record during the 2019 college football seasons, including myriad ranked matchups — he’s garnered a sizable following on social media and for the site, both for fellow numbers-oriented fans and the ever-growing community of Fantasy Sports.

With I Pick Wins, Hirsch has honed his abilities. With a mind for computation and a photographic memory, he has put his skills to the test in looking at team statistics, matchups, individual performance indicators, and a host of other predictive measures.

“That’s just my specialty as far as math goes,” he said. “Anything you can possibly do in your head, I’m just very fast at, and I’m able to compute it naturally. So that definitely helps with sports tremendously.”

Though Hirsch has been reluctant to join the ranks of Fantasy sports players, he recognizes that websites like his are liable to be used — and likely already have been used — to benefit those looking for a statistical edge.

“100 percent,” he said. “And on that front, I’m actually launching my website for next season, called IPickTheGame.com, which is going to be my daily fantasy sports website.”

The logo, template, and presentation is already set, he said, acknowledging that the legalization of sports betting played a role in his decision to begin the new connected start-up site.

“It’s a multi-billion dollar business, he said. “But my Daily Fantasy Sports site is going to be much different than the rest of them. Mine is going to be more team-oriented for loyal fans. This is going to target their favorite team’s players and their ability to rack up stats. I’m very excited for it and I’m really excited to launch it next season.”

His plans for the new website also include another element to Fantasy Sports that fans will find unique: a sports lottery.

His idea is to have a sports lotto where you pick six players for a specific team and they have to individually accumulate a specific number generated from their stat-line, and if each does, the fan wins the sports lottery.

“I’m calling it the Pick-6,” he said. “I think it’s a really cool concept. And I think that a sports lottery is something we’re missing right now.”

Hirsch is going to maintain his other site as he works on this new project as an add-on. And although COVID-19 has stagnated many sporting events around the world, it doesn’t carry any bearing over the development of a new website.

And if his track record continues to surprise readers and fans, it could just be the latest surprise from Mystic Zach.

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on “Local Sports Analyst, “Mystic Zach,” Has Big Plans for Future of Fantasy Sports
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